Manual Payment Plan

Enroll in Automatic Monthly Billing and customize your own payment schedule! See the details.

If you decide not to do automatic monthly billing, this manual payment plan allows guests to make installment payments on their cruise over time. The date that you place your reservation will dictate your deposit amount, after which you would be required to make any future payments according to the schedule. To make a payment on an existing reservation, please sign in to your account.

Payment Schedule

    25% is due at the time of reservation
  • Another 25% is due on March 30th, 2024
  • Another 25% is due on May 30th, 2024
  • Remaining 100% is due on July 30th, 2024

Single occupancy staterooms require twice the above amounts.

Past due payments are subject to a $35 late fee. See the Terms and Conditions for full details.